Uncompromised Design.

The industrial ball valve market abounds with a myriad of standard application valves.  As the industry moves forward, modern manufacturers have responded to price competition by reducing wall thickness and quality of raw materials – to the detriment of the customer.  If a ball valve design lacks true adherence to established design standards, can it be trusted to perform in a critical application?

Sesto Valves midrange ball valves stand out from the competition with true B16.34 wall thickness, precision machining and high quality gaskets.  No corners were cut in design. Our valves are heavier because we use more material, even jumping to a 6-bolt design at lower diameters to ensure proper safety factors.


M32 Series | 3-Pc Ball Valves

M15/M30 Series | 2-Pc Flanged Ball Valves

M22 Series | 2-Pc Sealweld Ball Valves

MM1F Series | Multiport Flanged Ball Valves

MU1F Series | Unibody Flanged Ball Valves

MV1F Series | Segmented Ball Valves