Features & Benefits

  • Class 150 to Class 2500
  • Size Range ¼” thru 16” (Class Dependent)
  • Single and Double Isolation, Multi-Port Designs Available
  • Floating and Trunnion, Full and Reduced Bore
  • Bolted Body Facilitates Inline Maintenance
  • Venting/Relief Designs in Multiple Configurations
  • End Connections: RF, RTJ, BW, SW, NPT, BSP, Special
  • Fugitive Emissions ISO 15848
  • Fire-Safe Tested API 607
  • Anti-Static Device and Live-Loaded Packing
  • Guided Seat Design on Trunnion Design
  • Blowout Proof, Low Torque Guided Stem Design
  • Wide Range of Soft and Metal Seated Options
  • Manual, Electric, or Pneumatic Operators Available
  • Custom Face-to-Face Lengths Available


Certifications & Compliance

Sesto Valves are designed and manufactured to internationally recognized standards including but not limited to the following:

Design: API 6D, API 608

Fire Testing: API 607, API 6FA, BS 6755 Part II

Testing: API 6A, API 598, API 17D, ISO 5208, BS 6755 Part I

Marking: API 6A, MSS-SP-25, PED

Certifications: API607, SIL, NACE, MR0175, PED, Fugitive Emissions

Partial List of Applications

  • Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
  • Power Generation
  • Gas and Coal Fired Turbines
  • Gas Purge Credit Systems
  • Floating Production Storage & Offloading
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Emergency Shut Down Valves
  • Chemical Injection
  • Gas Measurement Systems

Fire-Safe &
Fugitive Emissions Certified

Packing arrangement is Fire-Safe for critical applications and Fugitive Emissions ISO 15848 certified.

Versatility &  Reliability

The Sesto Valves double block and bleed design is engineered for critical service and can be customized for nearly any application.  Integrating two ball valves into one body achieves double block and double isolation (API 6D & OSHA compliant) while minimizing leak paths and reducing footprint.  Multiple valves can potentially be replaced with a single unit that can include one or more bleed valves configured to specific requirements.  Both ball valves can be operated independently with manual or powered operators, and available safety lockouts.  Additionally, the design allows for integrity check of seals when fail-proof isolation is critical and leakage could have catastrophic consequences.  Sesto Valves DBB solutions are made to simplify piping requirements while increasing safety and reliability.

End Connections

Why Sesto?

Precision Machined Forged Body
The forged body eliminates the possibility of leakage due to poor castings. Precision finish machining keeps tight tolerances to ensure secure assembly for high pressure, critical applications.

Ball/Seat Lapping
Lapping seats to the ball ensures tight tolerances, improving shut-off sealing capability
while lowering torque requirements.

Application Specific Testing Protocol
We build upon proven API 598, API 6D, and MSS-SP-61 testing standards and customize our testing protocols to simulate actual service pressure conditions, guaranteeing valve performance before field installation.

Customizable Design
The design is highly customizable so end connections, face-to-face lengths, and other features can be modified to suit application requirements.
Reliable, Redundant

Critical Shutdown Valves
Where valve reliability is critical to operation the Sesto

Block & Bleed Design