• Class 150 to Class 2500
  • Size Range ¼” thru 24” (Class Dependent)
  • Floating and Trunnion, Full and Reduced Bore
  • Body Wall Thickness ASME B16.34, Forged or Cast Versions
  • Cryogenic tested to -196°C (-320°F)
  • Fire-Safe Design API 607
  • Vented Ball Standard
  • Blowout Proof, Low Torque Guided Stem Design
  • Live-Loaded Packing and Anti-Static Capable
  • Fugitive Emissions ISO 15848
  • PCTFE(KEL-F), TFM, CTFM, and Metal Seats Available
  • Valves are degreased, cleaned and packaged prior to shipping
  • Custom Face-to-Face Lengths Available per Customer Requirement

TrueCryo Design vs. Modified Valves for Cryo Service

Sesto “True Cryo” Solution

Competitor Modified Cryo Valve

The Sesto Difference

Forged 316 Body

Cast 316 Body

The forged body eliminates the possibility of any leaks due to poor castings.

1-PC Extended Stem

2-PC Bolted Stem Extension

Our stem is made of one solid piece extended to the valve body. The packing is insulated and there is no leak path in the extension. Our proprietary extension seal design helps maintain flow temperatures giving the end user energy savings.

PCTFE (KEL-F®) Seats lapped to the ball as standard

No lapping and use of PTFE based materials

Our seats are lapped to the ball giving us very tight tolerances and shut-off while lowering our torques dramatically. Our seats do not leak.

Fully Tested Valves to -196°C (-320F)

Hydrostatic Testing only at ambient temperatures

We test our valves per industry standards and perform tests to Cryogenic Temperatures -196°C (-320°F) and then test again at ambient temperature with water.

Energy Saving Stem Extension

The clearance between the ID of the stem extension housing and the OD of the forged stem is designed to be less than 1mm in width.  This critical design feature significantly minimizes flow media in the stem while at the same time providing for the full energization of the critical lip seal.  This configuration is designed to keep heat away from the liquid contained in the line, thereby saving significant energy cost.


Triple Body Seal

(Providing Three Levels of Defense)

1. Primary Body Seal (RPTFE)
Soft seal for reliable sealing at all pressures

2. Secondary Body Seal (Graphite)
Provides a fire safe secondary seal.

3. Backup Metal-to-Metal Interface
Forms a labyrinth seal with a torturous flow path.

Live Loaded Lip Seal

(Stem Packing)

Sesto cryogenic ball valves utilize the safest and most reliable stem packing technology available; don’t be fooled by adjustable packing systems.  Referred to as the Live-Loaded-Lip-Seal, whereby the packing and bearing “system” (see diagram) is live loaded and locked into place by high strength Belleville washers, and then critically backed up by the most technologically advanced high pressure spring energized lip seal (Elgiloy®).  The lip seal is the heart of the technology, providing the safest and most reliable packing system on the market today.

Ball/Seat Lapping

All Sesto cryogenic ball valves utilize lapped ball and seat sets.  This precise manufacturing process ensures the lowest operating torque and the tightest possible sealing capability of the ball and seats, while at the same time providing for an extremely long service life for the intended application.  Lapping is a surface grinding/polishing process where loose abrasive powders are used as the lapping agent to achieve the extremely tight tolerances.

Cryogenic Testing

Sesto Valves designs and manufactures true cryogenic service ball valves in full compliance with British Standard BS 6364 “Specification for Valves for Cryogenic Service” which includes proof of design testing at severe low temperatures of -196°C (-321°F).  Detailed quality inspections are performed before and after cryo testing, and valves are re-assembled and tested again at ambient temperatures for verification.

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